Uric Off-Syrup


COMPOSITIONS : Tinospora cordifolia 200 mg., Azadirachta indica 300 mg., Arimesia absinthium 200 mg., Swertia chirata 100 mg., Sphaeranthus indicus 150 mg., Berberis aristata 200 mg., Petrocarpus santalinus50 mg., Acacia catechu 50 mg., Withania somnifera 50 mg., Pipernigrum 50 mg., Piper longum 50 mg., Moringa oleifera 50 mg., Ricinus communis 100 mg., Syrup base q.s. Added Permitted Flavour & Preservatives etc.

Adding food rich in fiber in diet may help to lower uric acid level in your blood. Take healthy diet of vitamin-C liquids. Avoid cakes, Pastries & Cookies. Take fruits and Vegetables such as Red Bell Peppers.

INDICATIONS : Uric-Off Syrup controls uric acid and its associated disorders, Gout, Fatigue & Pain in joints.

HOW TO USE : 20-30 ml. thrice a day after meal with one cup water or as directed by the Physician.

Presentation : 500ml.

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