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The Indian Herbo Pharma embarked to fulfil a long distant dream with its establishment in 1993. The Indian Herbo Pharma laid its foundation with the divine blessings of S. Gopal Singh under the dynamic leadership of S. Gurdev Singh. We received our ISO 9001:2015 certification in 1993. Since its establishment, the company has been making concerted efforts to make the product viable for enriching lives with suitable Health & Beauty Care with their proven quality in the market. We are very vigilant while selecting indigenous herbs for the preparation of our products. The supervision and assistance of our specialist cover all steps of production with a fully mechanized GMP certified factory. Our extensive market knowledge over the past 25 years enables us to ensure the development of new products to meet the diverse needs of the consumers in a timely and effective manner. Under the expert guidance of a dedicated team, Our Ayurvedic and Herbal manufacturing unit has been manufacturing its products without any side-effect and launched into the market with remarkable achievements.

Our Aim

We aim to produce and market cost-effective ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic & Herbal products that showcase quality, natural wellness and admiration globally.We want to make Ayurveda the ultimate solution for all health problems. Our goal is to make accessible and affordable ayurvedic medicine for the commoners and add a new lease of life for Ayurveda. IHP wishes to make Ayurveda emerge as an all-curing life science that provides natural solutions for the age-old and new ailments with the assistance of comprehensive Research and Development work. We want to develop a market for it worldwide while maintaining ethical medicinal standards.n

Distribution Network

We have established a well-bonded network all across the globe that is enabling us to trade without any hurdles. With the extended support of our influential set of connections and well-built trust over the years, we are proficiently carrying out our business in U.S.A., Cambodia, Singapore, Iraq, Sri Lanka & other countries.
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