Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Given Below are the privacy policies of All the users who are accessing must read this policy to understand it completely. This privacy policy is only applicable to and no other firm. Information collected Before registering as a user at, you need to provide your personal/ business information. This helps us confirm that you are no longer anonymous. The information you need to furnish may include your name, business profile, and other essential information. These data also help to promote the business even better. So, all the information you share on this website is intended to promote the services in a better way. Use of personal and business information The primary purpose of collecting personal and business information is to offer a customized service to the users. So, this will enable the users to create better communication with the platform. Most of the services that you access in the platform, but some services may ask you for payment. As use advanced means of promotions in the website, so the users may receive phone calls, SMS notification, and mails all over India. And also keeps the record of the user’s activity like buying, browsing, and many more. Sharing data Although it’s usually needless to disclose any personal data to the customer, there are certain situations in which this is possible. That implies; holds permission from the users to do the same. However, the email address is not displayed by us. All the account details can be shared if the organization feels that some user is intentionally or unknowingly causing damage to the website. In some instances, to maintain the services, the standard information is sharable. And in the case of a sale, personal information shall be transmitted. Circulation of information sends all sorts of emails to the users. It may include details about the product or the services offered on the website. This will offer users a unique platform that will also enhance the services, providing you the better opportunities. also uses marketing tools that help to make seamless communication with the users. Further, also holds all the rights to send emails concerning the products/services in which the users show interest. However, the users registering on the platform hold the right to control the information by visiting the website’s administration panel. Update/modification of information Any user on the platform can edit the information in his/ her account. They can do the same by sending us the request. However, the modification of the information on the platform may take some time to process and update. This is because; it includes verification and other policies. The users using can also delete their accounts. However, all the information provided shall move on to the archive records. Safety of information does not sell any data to a third party that can be exploitable with this policy. Further, does not sell any information until and unless it is permitted to do so. All users also should ensure that they are logging out of the account and closing the window after use. It helps you ensure that none of your data gets misused. Although takes all the measures to ensure there is no data leakage, it doesn’t hold any liability for any consequences. Further, the data transfer on the internet is 100% safe. Google and double click dart cookie You will get various ads by Google on the website along with cookies. So, all the ads are provided to the user based on their preferences. It is also possible for the users to opt-out from getting the ads by visiting Google ad and content network policy. Variation in the privacy policy There are regular changes that you can find in the privacy policy of So, it would be better if you check the policies regularly.

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