Aloevera Juice


ACTS AS AN ADJUVANT FOR THE FOLLOWING :- Immunity-modular – Anti Inflammatory – Anti Microbial – Anti-ageing

EFFECTIVE AGAINST : Diabetese – Asthma – Ulcer – Arthritis – Obesity – High Blood Pressure – Increased Cholestrol – Cardic & Skin Diseases

HOW TO USE : 30 ml preferably twice on empty stomach in the morning
and evening or as directed by the Physician.

Presentation : 500ml.

INGREDIENTS : Aloevera Gel (100%), Stabilizer QS, Permitted class II preservatives, E 211 Aloevera Juice is made from alovevera gel. The nutritional properties of aloevera come from the 19 amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Aloevera juice is rich in essential amino acids, vitamins (A, B1, B3, B6, B12, C & E), minerals, polysac-chrides and enzymes having theraupatic value. It aids the digestive system by improved absorption of nutrients. It is a detoxifier and strengthens the nervous syste

Quantity: 500ml

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