Varigain Forte Capsule – Herbal & Ayurvedic Health Care Product


Varigain forte capsule  herbal & ayurvedic health care product. Varigain promotes blood flow restores normally and prevents chronic venous insufficiency. Buy best herbal and ayurvedic Varigain forte capsules and take it timely for the best results.


Varicose & spider veins, Pain in legs and feet, Twister veins, Swollen veins burning throbing pains.


Each 500mg. capsule contains extracts from natural herbs:
Kishore guggal                      25mg
Erand                                       30mg
Brahmi                                    100mg
Manjisth                                  50mg
Giloy                                         35mg
Horse chestnut seed ext.      50mg


1 capsule twice a day or as directed by the physician.


30 Capsules In hdpe Bottle

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