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KEY ESSENTIAL OILS (Inside Every Drop of SENSUAL):- SANDALWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL: Enhances Mood, Natural Motivator; JASMINE GRANDIFLORUM ESSENTIAL OIL: Relaxes Muscles, Helps in Secreting Happiness Hormones; LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL: Relaxes and Calms.

KEY BENEFITS:- Promotes feeling of romance and youthfulness; Feels energized and aromatized; Relieves from mental and physical tensions; Promotes healthy and supple skin.

SENSUAL: Romance & Youthfulness; Infused with Grade-A, Essential Oils is a Proprietary product and comes under Ayurvedic Medicine. It is Approved under Ministry of AYUSH and Manufactured under Ayurvedic Drug License.

WHY WE USE GRADE-A, ESSENTIAL OILS:- Essential Oils are the CORE Essence of the plants. It works like plant own medicine, helps plants in pollination, protects it from environment threats & viruses, gives its scent and many more. Essential Oils works on root cause, not only on symptoms. On an Average, PURE ESSENTIAL OILS ARE 50 TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN HERBS. These are the Most Natural and The Most Potent Offering from mother earth.

ABOUT Zeco Men Power:- We offer 100% Natural Origin, Pure and Potent Essential Oils and Products to promote Holistic Health, Beauty and Wellness Solutions. Every product is uniquely and expertly crafted with age old science of Aromatherapy and Ayurveda. CORE & PURE is not just a name but also a commitment of purity and potency. We truly believe that If your Health means a lot to you, then using synthetic, adulterated or mixed Essential Oils are of no use, just a fake satisfaction.

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