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How To Start Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Unit ?

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Ayurveda is the ‘Science Of Life’ and India is the land of Ayurveda and herbal medicines. However, starting ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit requires a considerable amount of time and effort. There are various minute details too that require utmost attention and if anything goes south, it may have some major consequences. There are various business plans that the ayurvedic industry can adopt. Some of them are ayurvedic distribution, ayurvedic franchise concept, ayurvedic medicine marketing company, ayurvedic manufacturing, and much more.

Major steps for starting a medicine manufacturing unit:

1. Searching a premise for the manufacturing unit

The first step is to look for a place where we can set up the manufacturing unit, whether we own it or take it on rent. Also, the premises should have sufficient space for the staff, machinery, laboratories, storage, and more.

2. Choosing the name

After the area is final, the next step is to find a relevant name for the ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit. Also the name should be short, relevant, and unique. The name should be easily pronounceable too and represent the company’s business identity. Most importantly, there should be no silent character in the company’s name.

3. Applying for the manufacturing license number

It is one of the most important steps during setting up an ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit. To launch an ayurvedic company, one requires a license from AYUSH and not from the FSSAI. However, there are three requirements, which we can obtain from AYUSH- Complete Manufacturing License, Loan License, and Contract/Third Party/White Label/Product to Product Manufacturing License.

4. Product Approval Application

A proper documentation is required to fulfill this step. There is a list of documents to be submitted and a proper procedure to be followed. However, some of the documents required should be Application on form 24D, mentioned fees, premise site plan, list of machinery, medicines, lab equipment, and more.

After the approval, there are some other steps involved in setting up an ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit:

5. GST Number Application

If an individual is not selling products under the exempt category, he/she requires a GST number to sell the products across the country. On July 1, 2017, the government made this requirement mandatory. The process is paperless, which takes place through an online portal or digitally.

6. AYUSH Manufacturing License

Along with the GST number, AYUSH Manufacturing License is also mandatory for an ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit. AYUSH Manufacturing License also requires some kind of information like details about the products, form of products, and so on. There are also some requirements like the manufacturing premise should not be less than 1285 square feet.

7. Commencing The Manufacturing Process

The company can now begin the manufacturing process after all the approvals. However, for manufacturing quality & result-oriented products, there should be an appropriate dimension of the area, the latest machinery, experienced employees, and adequate lab testing equipment. After manufacturing, the company can start selling the products. The company can sell the products through a website or an online portal like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, and other portals. Instead of online, the ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit can also sell the products offline by promoting the products in the market.


To sum up, these are the mentioned step that an ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit must follow. Indian Herbo Pharma is one of the best herbal medicine manufacturers in India with a multitude of ayurvedic products. IHP products are also known for their quality, authenticity, and results.

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